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The Yoga Hub is a place where you can come and experience yoga in a safe, non-judgmental and welcoming space.  We believe that yoga can be practiced by everybody; men and women, all ages, shapes and sizes, regardless of religion, race or creed.



Maybe you have been mulling over the idea of trying a yoga class for the first time, but just haven’t made it to a class.  Maybe it’s just that life has been busy and you haven’t been able to make the time.  Perhaps something else was holding you back. Fear of walking into a class as the ‘newbie’ or fear of not being …flexible, thin, fit, strong, or confident. Yoga is non-competitive.  We’ve all been there.  Put those feelings behind you...

At the center of yogaic teachings is the welcoming, caring, open heart. Non-Judgemental. These achievements of  yoga go beyond the apparent physical benefits.  Yoga makes time.  When we can come back to our center, (that peaceful, calm place that is within every one of us) consistently, we can clear our minds.   We are able to refocus, refresh, and return to our day-to-day tasks with clarity, focus and balance; making us more productive, with the ability to evaluate in a more effective and meaningful way.



We suggest you try a couple of classes and see what styles resonate with you.  To read more about the styles of yoga we offer, please visit our Yoga Styles Page.  Along with the different styles of yoga, each of our teachers shines through their own authentic personality and individual flare.  Although we are each very different, we share in our love and passion for yoga, as students and teachers.  We are happy and humbled to share this passion, and our beautiful space with you.



All yoga students (including teachers) have their reasons for not starting yoga sooner, but keep in mind, it is never too late.  Of course, there are always reasons or excuses to put things off, especially when it comes to self care.  Often it feels like we have too many responsibilities that take priority.  The reality though, is that with many of our modern day illnesses directly linked to stress (75% of all Dr’s visits are stress related), it is crucial that we make the time for self care.



Developing a regular yoga practice expands our hearts and minds.  Yoga is an amazing exercise that leads to emotional development in the form of increased self awareness, self acceptance, feelings of compassion, and interconnection with something greater.  Yoga makes us HAPPY!  Yoga awakens hidden reserves of energy within our nervous,  endocrine and cardiovascular systems, replacing drowsiness and fatigue with feelings of aliveness and alertness.  Yoga physiologically transforms apathy and depression by oxygenating the brain and increasing the endorphins in the blood.  We believe that the benefits of yoga on the mind and the body are endless!


Most importantly, yoga reminds us of who we truly are.  Yoga reminds us that we have the power within us to answer difficult questions, to access our own internal healing abilities, and to really be available.  Yoga teaches us to see clearly what we can ‘let go’ of.  So, are you ready to be the best version of YOU that you can be?



We look forward to meeting you by joining us at The Yoga Hub. You're sure of a friendly welcome.


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